Jonathan Ogley - Qualified Spanish Property Lawyer
Jonathan Ogley - Qualified Spanish Property Lawyer
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Jon has dealt  exclusively  with  Spanish  property  related  matters  for over 10 years and his knowledge and experience of Spanish law in that specialist area is shown by the many testimonials he has received from his clients -  please feel free to read a selection of them on the Testimonials page of this web site.


He has been a property owner himself in Spain and knows only too well the anxieties and lack of familiarity, which people feel. 


Spanish Property Conveyancing

We deal with the conveyancing and all related matters including taxes and obtaining NIE numbers (Spanish tax numbers for foreigners), for clients who are purchasing or selling a property or who wish to transfer ownership or shares of property, in mainland Spain, Mallorca, or the Canary Islands. 


Spanish Powers of Attorney

We deal with the preparation and arranging of the different types of Spanish Power of Attorney which are necessary.

You do not need to go to Spain just to make the “PoA”- it can all be done here in the UK.


Spanish Wills

We deal with the preparation of and all the arrangements for making Spanish Wills (these are in Spanish and English) right here in the UK. You do not need to go to Spain just to do these.

We strongly recommend anyone who has assets in Spain, to make a Spanish Will. This avoids potential problems and excessive cost, later. 


Spanish Probate (Inheritance)

We deal with all matters relating to the procedures necessary to obtain the transfer of Spanish assets to a beneficiary.

The procedure is very different to that of the UK and involves specialist knowledge and expertise, all of which we have in abundance. This includes the assessment of Spanish Inheritance tax and the new laws which apply.

The work is arranged and coordinated by us, here in the UK. We work on this type of matter with our dedicated Spanish abogados in Spain, so as to minimize costs.


On all our cases, where we can, we will provide you with an estimate of costs and taxes.


Your point of contact and conduct of the matter throughout is always Jon even when we are working with our Spanish lawyer colleagues.

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